Voice over register allows to select the most appropriate voice talent for a project.

Recommended Voices

Please find recommended Lithuanian and English voices in the dedicated player on this page, who prooved to be great at what they do at a competitive price.


However, if You want to hear all available Lithuanian, English or other language voices please proceed to our own online voice over database at db.OnlyVO.com, which we run in order to help clients find exceptional voices for their projects.

Lithuanian and other nationalities voice over register's purpose is to provide an easy accessible and effective tool for all professional voice over artists and their clients to find each other. Professionals can register and provide their demos free of charge, therefore database is constantly updated.

In this register clients can find voice over artist that corresponds to job requirements and listen to artist's work examples. Specified proposal categories give a guideline and make it easier to make a decision.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Your project. We will do our best to advice on gathering the professional team for Your project.

Register as a Voice Over

Lithuanian and foreign voice over registry db.OnlyVO.com is looking for professional voice over talents, needed for web, radio and TV applications.

If You are an actor or a professional dictor, please make sure You register online HERE.

Registration for VO artists is free and You will get a job once a client will choose Your entry on the website. Due to customer requirements, having a demo recording of Your voice is necessary. If You don't have a demo, we are willing to help You record it.